Sunflower Skins

July 4, 2010

Experiment 4: Dysfunction

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And the shake didn’t discourage or subdue the monster.

Dysfunction was immediate, but it maintained its infantile howling throughout the prolonged build-up and inevitable, unimpressive death.


She had felt the pains during sixth period and asked to be excused, dragging her weary body to the lavatory. The halls were empty and quiet as usual, and her feet made the familiar flap-flap on the tiles. At the end of the hall she waved her pass under the monitor light.

Inside the stall, completely alone and without the threat of cameras, she sank to the floor.


She knew that something awful was turning inside her, heaving in her womb. Sweating against the cool porcelain of the toilet, she climbed onto it just in time for big globs of blood and mucus to fall into the water. Less than a moment later the dead foetus dropped into the bowl in two spasms of the girl’s uterus.

Collapsed over herself, underwear still around her ankles, she slowly braced her body with straight arms on shaky knees. She didn’t want to see or be around it any longer than necessary. Her panting gradually subsided, and once her head gained its rightful orientation, she stood up from the toilet, gripping the walls. She pulled up her underwear and began to straighten her dress, but stopped as she heard a low groan emit from the toilet bowl.

She looked at the baby in absolute horror.

It was not a baby.

The veiny blue and purple creature was covered in a thick layer of pale yellow slime, somewhat like corn syrup, which was spattered with pieces of the placenta. It stretched its many arms toward her and opened its mouth, letting out a wail that gargled with saliva and snot.

The girl’s first instinct was to run, but the creature sounded so pathetic and sick that she remained frozen, unable to look away from the warped, underdeveloped tentacles reaching for her face. The cry grew louder and she began to worry about somebody overhearing. Up til now she had been as silent as possible in hopes of rejoining class. She could have cleaned up her dress. Nobody would have noticed.

But now the creature would not stop. She was sure someone would hear. She didn’t know what to do, didn’t want to touch it. As her panic began to set in, the creature leapt out of the toilet, landing on the girl’s face. It hugged its arms around her, and the momentum threw her against the stall door.

She couldn’t be its mother, not in this kind of world.

Summoning all the strength she had left, she yanked the sobbing monster away from herself and shook it as hard as she could, heaving her weak frame against the walls and eventually slamming the thing in the corner behind the toilet.

There was a pause in the hideous noise, as it lay still on the floor. It lifted a tentacle and blindly grabbed at the air. The girl looked down at what had come out of her body. Was this her creation or theirs?

Then she noticed a tiny board of controls mounted to the back of its head, hidden beneath a chunk of stringy black hair. It had already killed itself before it had even left her womb, but now it required a second death. Holding the monster down with one hand, she pressed the abort button, and as its wiring finally gave out she listened to one last alien wail.

It had already killed itself before it even left her body

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