Sunflower Skins


Sunflower Skins was birthed of Britani Sadovski’s fantastic delirium in the summer of 2005. Beginning as a small cut-and-paste project on her bedroom floor, Britani self-publishes Sunflower Skins chapbooks of stories, comics, and fragments, and has distributed them both professionally and guerrilla-style around the world. She works with her partner Thom Bacchus Roland. Britani has a B.A. in English Literature from Huron University College, and her style is heavily influenced by poetry and visual presentation, as well as mental health, horror films, comic books, nature, philosophy, and physics. She publishes art on tumblr and currently is working on a collection of Stupid Children’s Stories.

Distributors for Sunflower Skins have included friends in Canada, the United States, England, and Turkey, as well as many zine libraries all over the world. All materials are subject to copyright laws.




  • The Continuing Saga of the Swamp Thing: Amongst the Elephant Ears [2010]
  • The Future of Bulimic Beluga Whales, 2nd Ed. [2010]
  • The Briton Self Essays, 2nd Ed. [2008]
  • Re-membering & Acts of Omission [2008]
  • Paradise Within [2007]
  • Thief [2007]
  • My Own Modern Love-Letter [2006]
  • The Briton Self Essays, 1st Ed. [2006]
  • The Future of Bulimic Beluga Whales [2006]
  • Eschatology [2005]
  • Sunflower Skins [2005]

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