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April 20, 2009

Briton Self Emerges on MySpace

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Briton Self, acclaimed author of Abbreviated Moments, announced today that he is writing a new novel. After four years of silence in the world of creative fiction, fans are excited at the prospect of fresh work from their beloved Brit; after publishing his breakthrough novel, followed over a decade later by the collected works Into the Mud, Self’s fiction appears only sporadically amidst a turn towards political writing. In his true low-key fashion, Self made the announcement on MySpace, of all places, simply by updating his status. If not for die-hard Self aficionados in the Sunflower Skins offices, the act could have gone unnoticed for months, as Self doesn’t have many friends on the popular social networking site. He created a profile at the suggestion of a former agent and rarely attends to it; considering that, the update was a pleasant surprise to many. Self has kept minimal contact with the press, preferring to voice his opinions in articles and essays, but paparazzi jumped at the opportunity to re-establish communication. One source suggests that the latest work is a retelling of the Icarus myth in modern day London, and while Self declines to comment any further, he doesn’t appear to deny the attention he has given mythological and philological subjects in recent years. Last October he contributed research for a new study of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, while the previous summer was spent amongst Aztec ruins, keeping a travel diary for Playboy UK. Blending myth with modernity is a technique well established and Self has successfully accomplished it in non-fiction. Though he seems to disdain publicity, fans must encourage Self’s new work, as it could be the classic this generation has been waiting for; he has shown eager promise before, and, we at Sunflower Skins feel, everything has been leading up to this.

Visit Briton’s MySpace here.

Penguin Classics Edition of Abbreviated Moments

Penguin Classics Edition of Abbreviated Moments

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