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June 14, 2010

Sketches, Experiment 5: Dante on the Stairs

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A staircase made of grating, a downward descent. Katabasis for the soul.

Flash, instant, my guide’s role reversed: my Dante, taking me through hell and upward to the light.

Separate what I know from what I see before me; try to imagine it differently, see this through naïve eyes. Richer from knowledge? In some ways, yes. Multiple perspectives and multiple genders, traversing different lives and letting what happened, happen. But only once; I no longer live in that moment.

This moment, on the stairs. About the jump into my lap, beside me, on the step above me. Doesn’t matter, he’s here.

Looking through my own eyes, hair and dust, glass. Reframe it. Review. Reword.

I’m sitting on the soft plush of the staircase, about two thirds up. Dante, soft and petite, his every bone I know—Dante, alert, vigilant, lying on my chest—this cat is watching my every move. He knows my vices. He doesn’t mind.

I can’t capture everything in this picture: the sound of matches and videogames, the heat from the bed, the intense comfort of my first home—but you see this space with a little bit of what I love. Finally: my Dante, myself, my art, and space: space filled and to be filled. Empty space and possibility.


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