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April 22, 2012

Equal Stripping For All

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After Joanna Angel’s zombie strip tease was shut down at last weekend’s Shock Stock, the dinos decided to take action. Especially after hearing London’s bylaw officer suggest that he does his job based on class. If you’re upset too, contact the mayor or municipal law enforcement services to complain about the double standard by which London, Ontario enforces its laws.

April 16, 2012

Shock Stock 2012

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Our booth at Shock Stock, presented by Vagrancy Films and Grimbrothers Entertainment. The weekend was a blast, full of good friends and monsters, including my favourite, Toxie Terry! We got so much free stuff from our fellow vendors; Guam spent the better part of the weekend bragging about her buttons from Joanna Angel.

One of my first B movies ever was Toxic Avenger, so of course I had to fawn all over Troma.

The Vagrancy Kids Kickin’ the Burger… and some shoes.

More Burger Kickin’ and various reactions.

There were constant costume changes via Scary Larry and much megaphone abuse provided by James, the master of ceremonies.

And finally the Stay Puft guy gave us the finger, so Guam tried her best to eat him.

It was a pretty good time. Don’t miss 2013!

March 24, 2012

Catnip-Filled Eyeballs!

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Tired of cutesy mice and feather wands that your kitty-cat ignores? Try an eyeball instead! These gruesome cat toys will be available at our booth at Shock Stock, Canada’s only convention devoted completely to horror and exploitation; April 13-15, London, Ontario. For more information visit Shock Stock Part II.

March 13, 2012

It’s Coming… Shock Stock 2012!

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Meet Guam in person! Great deals on books, toys, buttons, and cards!

Canada’s newest and best horror convention, SHOCK STOCK.

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