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June 7, 2010

Briton Self Releases Statement Regarding his New Novel

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News from the front:

My agent has suggested—let’s face it, has politely yet firmly ordered me—to release a statement about my upcoming novel. It is in progress, but those in higher positions regard it a wise move to appease my fans—which is, I suppose, whomever is reading this—if you are. At the present time I am not interested in revealing the finer details of The Riot Act, but after some careful deliberation, I feel able to identify what it is and what it is not. Consider this a warning.

It is not about my misspent youth. It is not about the woman who left me (and returned) or the dog who became my loyal companion in the interim. It is not a bildungsroman or a mimetic-pragmatic solution to current world affairs or a reaction to the dying art of literature and the corporate up-rise of plot-driven, hollow-bodied, epiphany-less narratives.

It is not about complete truths or whole truths, or even half-truths—I can’t claim that much anymore, for age provides such perspective that, suddenly, I have several childhoods. And this is acceptable. This is ok. Must I confess more or will you leave me be, pounding angrily on a window, forehead wrinkled in anger and surprise?

Until further notice, I remain your faithful servant,

Briton Self

June 3, 2010

For more information, see Briton’s MySpace.


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