Sunflower Skins

December 5, 2010

The Epic Battle

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July 28, 2008

A Moral Duty

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No one knows anymore for whom to pray;
Or to, or why, or give me reason, how
To accept what you’re fighting against now
Because it’s any time, it’s any day:
Stitch shards of shrapnel away and allow
War to not be mine. But to me you say,
I am chosen, I will be there someday;
And gently I wipe the blood from your brow.

Challenge to my heart, turn my peaceful mind,
Watch gas holding your throat in yellow choke,
Wonder, is this really how truth comes through?
You say, a soldier knows his way though blind.
But if you go up in a cloud of smoke,
Would the president change it all for you?


I placed faith in peaceful measure until
I met the Military Man one night,
With a smile so charming he just might
Bring Afghanistan to a sharp standstill.
He and I battled, though on the same side;
He through the army and I by my words,
To find our own peace; so scatter the birds
As the blast carves in the greatest divide.

It occurred to me that you’re going to die,
Your dog tags broken, mouth set to swallow;
You will be happy, serv’d your country well.
Next to a land mine your body will lie,
And grief will come, though no peace will follow.
And if all is in vain, no one can tell.

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