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Sunflower Skins began as a cut-and-paste project in my bedroom. Until “Re-Membering” & “Acts of Omission”, all chapbooks were cut and photocopied by hand, becoming labours of love through paper-cuts, ink-smudges, and countless hours in Jiffy Print. The project has since graduated to computer formatting and distribution through various bookstores, tattoo parlours, record shops, and guerrilla methods,  though we still put things together on the floor and cut, fold, staple, and colour everything by hand.

  • The Continuing Saga of The Swamp Thing: Amongst the Elephant Ears [2010]: Sunflower Skins presents its first comic book, inspired by Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, and John Totleben’s “The Saga of the Swamp Thing.” Printed in full colour, it features stories by Britani and artwork by Britani and Thom.
  • The Future of Bulimic Beluga Whales, 2nd Ed. [2010]: Revised and updated edition of the hand-coloured pamphlet on eating disorders. See here for more information.
  • The Briton Self Essays, 2nd Ed. [2008]: Revised and updated edition of Briton’s crisis, republished in Huron University College’s Grubstreet 2009. Some outdated attempts at socializing are available at
  • Re-membering & Acts of Omission [2008]: Two short horror stories–my “Re-Membering” tells of a grieving anatomical pathologist who meets a philosophical morgue assistant; “Acts of Omission” is Thom’s story of a young man’s curiosity about murder and emotion. Originally distributed through Vagrancy Films, Fanfare Books, Attic Books, and Hanger 18 Tattoos and Piercing.
  • Paradise Within [2007]: Inspired by Kathy Acker’s “The Burning Bombing of America”, this is my opus recreation of the world; unavailable.
  • Thief [2007]: Short story about disease featuring a colour-cover; unavailable.
  • My Own Modern Love-Letter [2006]: Second in the Bulimic Beluga project. A love-letter written years earlier and never sent, finally distributed to the masses through Fanfare Books and Earthwinds.
  • The Briton Self Essays, 1st Ed. [2006]: A short story about identity, later reprinted in Huron University College’s Grapevine; unavailable.
  • The Future of Bulimic Beluga Whales [2006]: First in the series of an imprint project called Bulimic Beluga, this is a small pamphlet on eating disorders. It was distributed through Fanfare Books and Earthwinds in Stratford.
  • Eschatology [2005]: A prosodic play developed from a high school drama project. Also features hand-drawn illustrations; unavailable.
  • Sunflower Skins [2005]: The self-titled debut composed of free verse and sonnets, featuring hand-written entries and illustrations; unavailable.

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